Dietrich Desmarais

Founder & Lead Coach

Dietrich Desmarais is the lead executive and life coach and founder of EWMI. Dietrich brings over 40 years of experience in coaching, teaching and speaking to the team. He is a certified executive coach, experienced speaker, published author and talented facilitator. He is highly sought after by senior executives, organizations and audiences around the world. 

Michelle Hargreaves

Associate Coach & Business Development

Michelle Hargreaves is an ICF Certified Professional Coach and Facilitator. As a seasoned executive, Michelle brings her business acumen to the coaching arena and works with leaders and their teams on reaching their full potential.  Michelle has been working in the field of coaching and leadership development since 2003.  She has coached leaders at all levels of the organization effecting behavioural change and impacting bottom line results.  Her areas of strength include leadership presence and personal branding, energy management and resilience, communication, conflict resolution, team effectiveness and trust.

Ed Kang

Adviser & Licensing & Certification Partner

Ed Kang is a serial entrepreneur and has provided business consulting and coaching to major brands and corporations across North America. He has been a brand strategist, executive director, venture capitalist, and COO of a publicly traded company. Ed is also a speaker, author and has launched social projects in Nicaragua, Botswana and Haiti. Recently selling his last software startup, Ed has licensed EWMI intellectual properties, co-creating the Conversations That EQ card game. And after becoming the first to be trained in EWMI Method, Ed created the certification program to help executives and other coaches use brain science to double their earning potential. He now advises EWMI across all business areas.

I am not fighting with myself on the inside anymore.

It’s amazing, in six conversations Dietrich changed my life.
— EWMI Clients