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Neuroscience-based coaching for personal & professional results


From Emotional Intelligence (EQ) to Emotional Wealth

learning EQ isn't enough. At EWMI we coach you to invest your EQ for emotional wealth which can be converted into Healthy leadership, business and financial Performance.


EWMI Method is a neuroscience-based framework used to coach and train leaders, entrepreneurs, and other coaches in Emotional Intelligence.

EWMI Method is based upon over 40 years of research and practical application.

Dietrich Desmarais is the founder and principal coach.

Use neuroscience to double your earning potential.

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Finding the right coach starts with building trust and confidence. Every coach has their own unique focus and style. This is the reason coaching should be approached like any key relationship. At EWMI, during a discovery session, you talk and we listen. Then you can ask any questions.

Real tools for real life that will transform and revolutionize your relationships! Everyone can benefit from this personalized style of life/job coaching. If you’re ready for results, I highly recommend EWMI.
— Diane