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Do you need to build a team?


Looking for business success?


Want to make a difference in others?


Looking for that right job?

How Does EWMI Method Double My Earning Potential?

According to research, 90% of top performers in the workplace also score high in emotional intelligence. These performers make on average $29,000 more per year, or $1,300 more for every point increase of emotional intelligence in annual compensation. This is true for every industry, at all levels in every region of the world.

Furthermore, our own testing has shown that using EWMI Method can reduce sales cycles by half and also increase negotiated compensation up to 200%. This can be applied to finding clients or career opportunities as well. We're more than happy to show you how this can apply to you.

This is a Mentorship Certificate

EWMI Method is unlike other certifications where you sit in a class or learn from teaching material. Yes, you will learn about EQ and how to apply it for results. At the same time, you will also be mentored from a relational standpoint. If you are looking for a class, there are many options out there. Now if you are seeking a complete 360 degree experience, this is for you.

This means before any enrollment is approved, there is a process to determine if EWMI Method is the right fit for all parties.

Training Includes:

Sessions with Dietrich Desmarais and the EWMI Team.

Training in the Conversations That EQ system.

Professional references and certification credentials.

Suggested reading and research list.

Pay-as-you-go on your own time.

Certification starts at $4,995.

I’ve been coached and taught by many around the world. Dietrich is the best. While most others only teach and pump you up, Dietrich’s approach gets to the core. Real change happened for me when Dietrich taught me about vulnerability, and instead of fighting myself, I healed. I feel free. Dietrich thrives in walking into chaos and organizing it.
— Lisa